Hello King Rubens!

So it’s hit the very end of January already! This year is coming hard and fast. And so much has already happened in one month. There have been some very low moments and some fantastic highs and great memories made. February is just hours away. Goodness me!

I thought I’d get in a quick post for the end of the month. It’s all about the music though… or more specifically it’s kind of very much The Rubens focused.

Right now I just had to express my excitement as this week the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown was broadcast across the nation and my favourite song from one of my very favourite bands did in fact take out the very top position. Hoops was announced as the voters favourite, pipping Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta and Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s catchy Lean On at the post. The excitement when I heard that language warning announcing that Kendrick would be number two was thrilling. I do get very excited about these things.

To top it off The Rubens were then announced as one of the many amazing acts that will be fronting up in Bendigo and the other venue’s that Groovin the Moo graces with it’s tuneful presence. So of course tickets had to be purchased for the upcoming event. It will be an amazing day but I’m already anticipating some stressful clashes as there are so many bands I’m keen for in the line up!

But I lied. That didn’t top it off. This delicious week of Rubens-essence awesomeness was completely blown up when they not only did a Like a Version on Friday morning but they mashed up Adele’s Hello and Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta to deliver a killer tune. You must check it out! I know you’re curious. Who would have thought!

I just “can’t even”! So Excited for the year to come just because of music. Music is the greatest. The Rubens are the greatest. “Everything is awesome”.

End of enthusiastic Music/Rubens rant.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic January and February kicks off well for you too!


I’m a Fantastic Wreck!

If you know me, you know I am a bit of a Triple J listener and enjoy the “alternative” side of the music scene. Lately this song has been stuck in my head. I’m a Fantastic Wreck by Montaigne. As soon as those first few notes hit my ears my fingers dart to the volume and it’s only up from here folks. Yes. I definitely belt along with Montaigne as I claim I too am a Fantastic Wreck. I cannot get this song out of my head! Montaigne is onto a winner here. If you haven’t already heard of this gorgeous young lady that is making her mark on triple J’s playlist right now, Montaigne is the stage name of 2012 Unearthed High finalist Jessica Cerro. You can find out more about Jessica/Montaigne here. Also, interestingly ‘Montaigne’ is defined in the dictionary as “Michel Eyquem de 1533-1592. French writer noted for developing the essay as a literary form as well as for the lively, personal quality of his prose.”The Free Dictionary

I remember hearing I’m a Fantastic Wreck and instantly feeling connected with the lyrics. A lot of young women and really young people in general would relate to the feelings expressed in the lyrics throughout this sweet tune. Sometimes you do feel like a bit of a Fantastic Wreck. Or maybe always. I’ve been in love with it ever since my first listen. The lyrics are just so relatable and it’s quickly a catchy tune to sing along with. Looking forward to hearing more great things from this young talent! She has a track up on her Triple J Unearthed profile which you can download too. I Am Not an End, which I believe is her original Unearthed High Entry.

I remember totally loving this track she released under her real name, Jessica Cerro in 2012. Anyone But Me. It’s a bit faster in pace than IaFW but it’s also super catchy. I dare you not to get it stuck in your head! She also did Like a Version for Triple J in November last year and did a killer cover of Sia’s 2014 hit, Chandelier.

Check out the quirky video for I’m a Fantastic Wreck though…

I love it. So simple yet effective with the illustrations interacting with her throughout. Clever but not overdone.

Great things to come from Montaigne I’m sure! If you’re liking her work as much as I am you might even want to go and check out her EP, Life of Montaigne, which is available on iTunes. I’ve just collected it myself and am looking forward to it in my playlist this week! I’ll be keeping my ear out for an opportunity to see her perform live! ... Actually I just found she is touring and nabbed some tickets!

Also I quite fancy the EP Artwork! Quirky combination of a portrait photograph and some sweet textures and effects to create a striking composition complimented by the simple type. Gorgeous!

Life of Montaigne – EP Artwork

Have you checked her out? What did you think? I may be gushing a little bit!

Side Note: Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. It’s certainly been a warm one. I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front lately, busy chasing my tail at the moment! And it’s not slowing down any time soon but I hope to get on top of things a bit more… Always the best of intentions…

Lunge for and Grasp

Happy New Year! And I hope your Christmas and festive season was as warm, loving, enjoyable and safe as my own was. January is flying away like nobodies business! Here we are about to celebrate Australia Triple J’s Hottest 100 Day already! The Australian Open is well underway and the shortest month of the year is just around the corner. But January has been a busy month as always. Despite the limbo land that is created coming off the back of the Christmas festivities there have been lots of things to bury my head in between side projects, work and job hunting to say the least it’s keeping me out of trouble!  Hence the lack of posting here. But I thought it was about time I got back on track and updated here with this Bitter Sweet Experience of life. Christmas and New Years was a fantastic affair as usual between spending time with family and friends and catching up with everyone back home as well as taking some seriously chilled time out. As usual I was spoilt with gifts and enjoyed watching on as I handed out my carefully selected presents for other people. All of the warm and fuzzy feels! I actually think possibly my favourite gift was a Pillow Pet of all things! My cousin/house mate selected an Olaf(Frozen Snowman character for those that may have been living under a rock) Pillow Pet for me(You can see the newly happy couple here). He’s the cutest thing and definitely takes pride of place on my bed… perhaps I shouldn’t be confessing such things on here… but it was very sweet. New Years was brought in with some grand fun with a few beverages and a lot of laughs. We didn’t manage to catch any fireworks but we definitely put in a solid performance on a few dance floors! The first week of January I got to see two of my favourite music acts performing live in Melbourne. On the 5th I got to see The Temper Trap at 170 Russell with some friends. We all agreed it was an epic evening. I’ve waited so long to see these guys properly. I went to Groovin’ the Moo in 2013 to see them but unfortunately I became ill(not self inflicted) during the event and of course because they were a headliner they were the last of the day and I just couldn’t stick it out. It was heart breaking to say the least. So I can finally say I’ve seen them properly! And they even played one of my favourites, Rabbit Hole, to open the show! They also played some of their new material which got us all very excited for the new music they will be releasing hopefully in the very near future! Also one of my favourite parts of the show was watching  Jonathon Aherne (far right of second picture below, on the bass guitar), one of the band members, dancing. He has such a funny style and it almost looks like he is dancing to a different beat to the dominating rhythm that the audience hears, but it’s just so cute to watch him!
temper-trap-jan15-bs1 temper-trap-jan15-bs2

Also, possibly still the highlight of my year so far, my sister joined me at the Corner Hotel in Richmond for the eagerly (I was actually practically a hysterical fan girl for this one) anticipated show featuring George Ezra. Just wow. He did not disappoint. It was such a great show. He is just so talented. His banter and stories in between songs was so sweet and he even had a cup of tea with him on stage that he would occasionally sip between songs. Words just can’t describe it. I have a ridiculous kind of big fan love for this artist. And I thought his performance was flawless! I may be biased. But from opening in a striking way with total silence falling across the crowd as he began the vocals of Did You Hear the Rain before the instruments kicked in, to bouncing around to songs like Cassie O’ to the classic well known Budapest and his newer single Listen to the Man(the clip even features George with Ian McKellen), it was brilliant. I’ve just found his album so lovely to listen to. I’ve listened to it so many times on my trips back and forth home to the farm and I just love it. Was beyond excited when I was buying the tickets for this show late last year when they were released. Can’t wait to see him again in Australia hopefully not in the to distant future! Though I’m excited for his further success, I have a feeling this will result in a far less intimate gig next time he comes to visit. He even closed the show with the funnest cover of the Cindy Lauper classic: Girls Just Want to have Fun(See George perform it here)! So lots of awesome live music.

The last few weeks I’ve also been into the job hunt in a bigger way. Organising myself around my current work, a new voluntary position and making sure I’m still working on the actually getting ideally a full time position somewhere is a bit of a juggling act. But I’m kind of enjoying it in a funny way. Between that and all the ideas I am throwing around my brain, bouncing them from one wall to another to decide on how I’m going to go about their execution is also fun but admittedly slow progress. I did have a bit of fun getting my Linked In profile on track. Having a professional portrait photoshoot and going through the editing process was fun. There are some more photos from this which I will be starting to use in my online presence elsewhere soon so watch this space! You’ll also find I’ve added a picture to my About page! I’ve also nearly got my Rachael Brooks Design website ready to launch so you will be able to check all of that out soon too!
personal-professional-portrait-shoot-bs4 personal-professional-portrait-shoot-bs5

So in short: lots of stuff going on. Lots of exciting changes also going on! Some of them I will talk about more in the near future. Things like my sister joining me in the “big smoke” soon and the adventures that shall unfold from that. It’s such a crazy and exciting time at the moment as you watch the doors floating past and decide on which handles to lunge for and grasp before they fly away. Exciting times indeed! Hope your January has been a good one and that your year is looking as exciting for you as mine is for me! Looking forward to a year of new Bitter Sweet Experiences.

Out of Luck With Milky Chance!

Hope the blog title didn’t make you cringe. I couldn’t help myself! So a few months ago I got very excited as I indulged in some of my favourite artists announcing shows around Melbourne and found myself pretty much getting to curate my own little music festival in January! The festival begins with The Temper Trap on Monday night, Milky Chance on Tuesday night and completed with George Ezra on the Wednesday night. Needless to say I was nothing short of positively pleased with this customised festival of sorts! But then a few weeks ago there was bad news. George Ezra unfortunately has changed his concert date. And this I would have minded far less except it has been moved forward one day. Just one day! So now I am faced with the total clash of Milky Chance and George playing at the same time. Instantly My decision wasn’t questioned. I have to see George Ezra. I simply cannot miss his show! But I am so disappointed not to be seeing Milky Chance. So in a little dedication to them I would like to share with you some of the chilled tunes that I will no longer be seeing live…

Flash Junked Mind

Down by the River



And typically my favourite, Stolen Dance

Or just check out the whole album Sadnecessary

It seems since this little spanner has been thrown into my schedule, Milky Chance comes on the radio 4987970549 times as much just to taunt and haunt me!

Also AJR have recently covered Stolen Dance which is sweet.. and Ásgeir did a great Like A Version not long ago too.

So that was my little frustration of recent times! The dilemmas of so much good music and so many good artists being around all at once! Have you ever had a similar dilemma? A clash of events that forced you to choose? What did you choose to do and why? (These questions may be just me talking to myself as I don’t really know that anyone is reading but gosh I would love a response and to hear your story if there is anyone actually reading this! Would make my year!)

Can’t believe Christmas is pretty much literally around the corner again already. Where on earth does time even go?! Hope you’re more organised than me!

Painfully Independent

Today I did something I do kind of frequently. Actually I do it all of the time. Most of the time. But for some reason today I’m questioning it more than I usually would…

I went for a coffee by myself. Not grabbing a take away but actually sitting down in a coffee shop and having a coffee by myself. Along with a delicious raspberry muffin because I have rituals and today is muffin day. But muffin day aside (though an important thing indeed) I sat down with the newest issue of Frankie fresh from the local newsagent down the road and proceeded to appreciate my own company and enjoy my treats.

As I said, this is far from the first time and it most certainly will not be the last time that I do such things. But I find I am constantly just going off and doing these things that more often one might like and enjoy sharing some company and participation from a second being, but I just go it alone. For example once again tonight I will be off to another event that once again, company to share would be grand, but I shall be on my own.

I guess I’m bringing this up because previously this wouldn’t bother me as much as it could and it probably won’t for the most part into the future, but sometimes I think I’ve become painfully independent. To the point where because I’m happy enough to go it alone I don’t half make an effort to attempt to find company to do some things, perhaps it’s a subconscious mechanism of avoiding spoiling the activity with disappointment of company that fails. Or maybe it’s the ease you acquire on outings without having to compromise on what you want to do to please the other person that has lead me to this habit being so constant. Or maybe I just have no friends!

I do like that I can be independent. I definitely think it’s an important characteristic to be able to do things by yourself and not need to follow or have people follow you to justify and affirm what you’re doing. But I would like to decrease the frequency of my alone time and increase the occurrence of spending time with some quality company…. or maybe I will have to start being a cat lady after all! And nobody wants that. Not me. Not the cats. Nobody!

Cue the Celine Dion classic… All by myself…

Happy Friday Folks! Hope you’re spending it with some quality company even if that is in the office!

December already…

The first day of the last month already. December has arrived all over again and following in it’s previous habit it seems to come around quicker and quicker every year. Time seems so much faster in the now. When it’s something you want to be delayed, time seems to just fly on past as if to spite us all. As if to taunt us some times it does seem to linger a little only to speed off again, double time, and rub it in that we should be so ambitious as to try and prevent the inevitable. With that in mind I can’t say I’m dissatisfied with the past twelve months of life. Indeed as always there are more things that could have been done. Times that may seem a little bit wasted. Opportunities missed by bad timing or lack of ambition at a particular moment. But really… I can tick many things off my list and if I look back to my expectations at the start of the year I think for the most part I have met them and in some parts maybe exceeded.

How have you found the year? Did you achieve all you would have liked? I will probably go into this at the very end of the year in more depth. Take a bit of a stroll down reminiscent lane. Still one month left to get in some of those last things. The list is kind of long but you’ve got to try! All those December plans. Gifts to be organised. People to be seen!

Anyway, It’s been a while and I just wanted to give a little shout out. Happy first day of the last month. Happy 1st of December 2014! Here’s to a splendid “silly” season! Time to kick back and enjoy some summer lovin’! If you do swing that way. Personally I’ll be ensuring I keep to a controlled and well cooled environment when summer gets excited and it’s intensity sets in!


mission accomplished.

So yesterday the last of my University career work was completed and we had our final year bachelor students exhibition opening. It’s a strange feeling of mixed relief and kind of an anti-climax in the end. Last year the build up to the end of my course exhibition was so much more, and the relief when it was over but also the pride of the accomplishment seemed bigger. I guess that’s the difference between three years of work to one. Having said that I am so pleased to have completed the degree. So so pleased and proud to have made it to the end and can say confidently that despite not having back the final marks as yet I’m pretty sure I’ve passed.

If you had told me six years ago that I would go on to actually complete a degree at university I quite possibly would have laughed and barely entertained the thought. Brought up in a small country area and schooled by my parents at home and by correspondence to gain my Higher School Certificate it wasn’t your typical pathway of education. It was hard to gage how I would find the big city and further education. But it was my mission. My goal was set. And I can tell you now. Hard work pays off. If you really want to do something and are willing to take your goals seriously and really take it on you can do whatever you want.

I wanted to move to the big city and take on study for a highly competitive industry. Jump in the deep end, luckily spoilt the whole time by the support of my wonderful family. Ambitious for the big move to Melbourne I was but I was more than happy to be heading to the TAFE college I had selected. And after completing my Advanced Diploma and the extent of what the Institute could offer and deciding last year that I would take the pathway to Deakin to do one more year and gain my Bachelor I was beyond excited to continue my studies and attend university but had no idea what I would be in for. Don’t get me wrong, now that I can look back it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve learnt A LOT. I’m so glad I’ve done it. I’m so glad it’s over. What a year! It has been four years in total and the whole time has been a challenge, and I wouldn’t want it to be anything less, but wow. This year has definitely tested me and I’m not afraid to admit it. But now I get to finish off this chapter of my life. This chapter has a good ending.

But what next?

Somehow I think this next chapter is going to be a hell of a lot harder to write though… I have ideas, big ideas, of how I would like this next one to turn out… time to get that next mission in focus.