over 8,000 hours have passed…

Why hello there stranger! It’s been a while. You’re looking well! How is it that it’s been a year nearly since I last dashed about the keys and shared some of my current happenings with you? Where have you even been? Many things happen in 365 days…. though it is just short of that. It’s been 361 days since that last post. Over 8,000 hours have passed. That’s a lot of sleeping! And a lot of not sleeping. It’s been a very busy year indeed…

Funnily enough that last post is very gushy about The Rubens and they really are still very much in the forefront of my musical interests. I’m super excited to be seeing them for the fourth time in the space of…. maybe 2 years. Very excited to see them at one of their Zoo Twilight shows in Feb!  The anticipation! Especially excited that they may play their latest release, Same Drugs. Mint tune!

And of course on the subject of music it has once again just been the annual Triple J countdown which did not disappoint. So much incredible music has been released in the last year. My long shortlist was over 200 songs to begin with. Voting for just 10 was a massive challenge but I managed it. Just. It’s silly how hard it is to cut out some songs… you have 13 and have to eliminate three that you don’t necessarily like any less than the rest of your list but you have to make the call. Tough times hey? What a first world and privileged problem to have. Below is what did make my very short list…

Triple J hottest 100 is one of my favourite things. Once again today’s list is full of some amazing music. What sweet tunes. 👌🏻💙 This is what made my vote though as per usual to get to just this ten took some intense deliberation and involved some serious culling from my long shortlist! 💙 Was a little sad when Adore played at number two but still to make number two is amazing! And Flume definitely featured in my shortlist along with so many others. Kind of sad it’s done for another year… • • • #triplej #hottest100day #vote #musicisthegreatest #tune #amyshark #adore #catfishandthebottlemen #ballparkmusic #grettaray #drive #leef #twice #7 #money #leikeli47 #hockeydad #anightoutwith #ultralightbeam #cubsport #likeaversion #strangediseases #gangofyouths #samedrugs #therubens #bgl #bgcl

A photo posted by Rachael (@91raspberrybullets) on Jan 26, 2017 at 4:24am PST


Adore by Amy Shark was my number one pick. I was hoping it would take the top spot obviously but Flume had that one covered with Never Be Like You. It did make number two though which is amazing! I could honestly talk about music and the hottest 100 forever! But for now I will leave it with that… and probably continue on with more tune raving in the near future.

Before I go on… Catfish and the Bottlemen need a mention here. As you will have seen above, they took two of my top ten spots with 7 (polled at #19)and Twice(polled at #57). Both polled in the hottest 100. 7 was #19 and Twice came in at #57 and they also had a third track make the cut, another excellent tune, Soundcheck came in at #77. I don’t know what it is about this British rock band that has got me so hooked but they are my favourite band at this moment. I can’t stop playing them! But I’ll gush about them again soon.

So yes. Music, music, music.

I did just watch the end of an incredible match of tennis between Nadal and Dimitrov as they battled it out to see who will take on Federer in the Australian Open final. Wow! Haven’t watched enough of the open and I didn’t manage to watch the whole match tonight but what I did watch was so impressive. What incredible athletes! What quality. And what an amazing final in store between Federer and Nadal! Seems like a bit of a flashback to have these two going for the glory. How sweet is that!

Anyways, thanks for reading if you made it to the end! Have a wonderful weekend!


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