do it again

Because life is so busy it seems that the year has disappeared in mere moments and is a blur of so many memories that I’m not even sure belong where or what. I don’t know.

I just don’t know how this happens every year?!

Actually that’s a lie. I do know. It’s because I like to talk so I like to say things like “next year I’m going to be so organised” and then instead of actually making sure I’m organised I just keep talking about it instead of actually doing it. Next year I’m… not even going to say it…

Just do it already.

Anyway. A few links to share of some pretty things.

Like the stunning portfolio of Anette O’Brien.

This cute top that has just hit my wish list.

This awesome advertisement that totally got me. It;s a little cheesy, but I’m inspired.

This is the best GIF.



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