Hello there,

Anyone else a bit pleasantly surprised by the new Google logo? It’s the talk of the town. I have to say when it first popped up on my feed this week I actually thought it was a prank. Google change from their classic and timeless serif logo? I didn’t believe it was a likely change out of the blue like that. Perhaps I hadn’t been paying enough attention? It’s certainly been the talk of net-town ever since it ‘dropped’!

Loved this little video…

It’s been talked about as much as Taylor Swift when she releases a new video clip these days! Which she actually did this week and is another masterpiece of poptastic drama. I really do love what Swift is doing with music videos! If you haven’t seen the Wildest Dreams clip you should probably go have a look. Certainly don’t mind it featuring the young and dashing Scott Eastwood.

Speaking of Google and lovely things, how pretty is their dedication to Audrey Hepburn’s 85th Birthday? It’s from May 2014 but it popped up on my ‘Feeling Lucky” click just now and I had to share my appreciation.



I think it’s very sweet just quietly.

Anyway. I hope you had a lovely day Celebrating Fathers Day if you’re an Australian and a lovely day regardless of what your day entailed wherever else you may be from.

Chow for now!


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