Music Video Binge

Hey there! Long time no see… what’s new hey?

I’ve been watching a few new music videos the is weekend and had to share some of my favourites.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have just dropped their latest piece of work, Downtown, and I for one think it’s incredible! I’m so fascinated by this video clip! I’ve been singing this all weekend and watched the clip 89647985 times. Addicted is an understatement.

The Rubens have got me totally hooked with their latest work too. I bought their new album, Hoops, a few weeks ago and have been playing it on repeat. Especially loving the title track Hoops. The clip is quite clever too. This one just gets stuck in my head so much… but I really love it!

I’m actually also digging the new One Direction song, Bring Me Down. And the clip is a bit of fun too…

My talented little sister, Jessica Lorraine, recently did a cover of the song Black Roses which was sung on Nashville by the character Scarlett O’Conner(played by Clare Bowen). Love the show. Love this song. Love Jessica’s cover. I’ve included both videos below for your listening pleasure.
Jessica Lorraine

Nashville Original – Clare Bowen aka Scarlett O’Conner

What music are you digging right now?


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