Windows & Minions

As per usual it’s already Sunday evening and that sad feeling sinks in that another weekend has disappeared with far less completed tasks that my well intending Friday evening self had planned. All in all it’s been another busy full of socialising, sport, good food, entertainment and domestic duties. And Sunday Pancakes of course! Anyway. That’s all standard stuff. There were a few little things I just had to share today…

I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed and was absolutely delighted when I came across this gem of a project. Windows of the World by Andre Vicente Goncalves that Frankie(my favourite magazine of course!) was sharing with their loyal followers. It’s a lovely piece of work where in a typology many different windows in similar places are collated into a gorgeous collection and reflection of the exterior style and character of these particular places. I think it’s just so charming! My favourite image is Evora. I love how every building is white and most windows have gold and this level of consistency yet they’re all so very different. They’re all so beautiful. All of the images are. So inspired! Check it out and tell me which one is your favourite? Maybe you love the bright and blocky style of Burano or that extra dimension that The Alps carries.

I would also like to share my childish excitement that the MINIONS film was released this week and I did in fact go and see it last night. The cinema was packed and I definitely had a good giggle at many a moment indeed. Loved it! Following the history of the Minions featuring the great adventures of Kevin, Stuart and little Bob is just hilarious. Add in Sandra Bullock voicing the baddest villain ever, Scarlet Overkill and her genius husband Herb voiced by Jon Hamm(Mad Men) and you’re set! It’s great light hearted fun entertainment for everyone and anyone who is a Minion fan I believe. 9/10. I’m already anticipating where they’ll take the Despicable/Minion story next! Will we get to watch Gru’s full detailed childhood on the big screen sometime soon?!

I’m so in love with Minions right now though… I can’t even explain why I love the Minions so much. Probably the same reasons everyone else does. Is it there bright yellow and happy colour? Their friendly round shape? Their cute little blue overalls? The cute goggle like glasses that they all wear? The fact that they make so many funny sounds and speak so little English? I don’t know. All of the above and I’m totally obsessed. Confession: I’ve even been getting the special Kinder Surprise‘s for my treat nights so I can collect the little Minion figures! Yep. This is serious! If you happen to see the Minion TicTacs anywhere give me a shout!

Have a great week!


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