Out of Luck With Milky Chance!

Hope the blog title didn’t make you cringe. I couldn’t help myself! So a few months ago I got very excited as I indulged in some of my favourite artists announcing shows around Melbourne and found myself pretty much getting to curate my own little music festival in January! The festival begins with The Temper Trap on Monday night, Milky Chance on Tuesday night and completed with George Ezra on the Wednesday night. Needless to say I was nothing short of positively pleased with this customised festival of sorts! But then a few weeks ago there was bad news. George Ezra unfortunately has changed his concert date. And this I would have minded far less except it has been moved forward one day. Just one day! So now I am faced with the total clash of Milky Chance and George playing at the same time. Instantly My decision wasn’t questioned. I have to see George Ezra. I simply cannot miss his show! But I am so disappointed not to be seeing Milky Chance. So in a little dedication to them I would like to share with you some of the chilled tunes that I will no longer be seeing live…

Flash Junked Mind

Down by the River



And typically my favourite, Stolen Dance

Or just check out the whole album Sadnecessary

It seems since this little spanner has been thrown into my schedule, Milky Chance comes on the radio 4987970549 times as much just to taunt and haunt me!

Also AJR have recently covered Stolen Dance which is sweet.. and Ásgeir did a great Like A Version not long ago too.

So that was my little frustration of recent times! The dilemmas of so much good music and so many good artists being around all at once! Have you ever had a similar dilemma? A clash of events that forced you to choose? What did you choose to do and why? (These questions may be just me talking to myself as I don’t really know that anyone is reading but gosh I would love a response and to hear your story if there is anyone actually reading this! Would make my year!)

Can’t believe Christmas is pretty much literally around the corner again already. Where on earth does time even go?! Hope you’re more organised than me!


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