December already…

The first day of the last month already. December has arrived all over again and following in it’s previous habit it seems to come around quicker and quicker every year. Time seems so much faster in the now. When it’s something you want to be delayed, time seems to just fly on past as if to spite us all. As if to taunt us some times it does seem to linger a little only to speed off again, double time, and rub it in that we should be so ambitious as to try and prevent the inevitable. With that in mind I can’t say I’m dissatisfied with the past twelve months of life. Indeed as always there are more things that could have been done. Times that may seem a little bit wasted. Opportunities missed by bad timing or lack of ambition at a particular moment. But really… I can tick many things off my list and if I look back to my expectations at the start of the year I think for the most part I have met them and in some parts maybe exceeded.

How have you found the year? Did you achieve all you would have liked? I will probably go into this at the very end of the year in more depth. Take a bit of a stroll down reminiscent lane. Still one month left to get in some of those last things. The list is kind of long but you’ve got to try! All those December plans. Gifts to be organised. People to be seen!

Anyway, It’s been a while and I just wanted to give a little shout out. Happy first day of the last month. Happy 1st of December 2014! Here’s to a splendid “silly” season! Time to kick back and enjoy some summer lovin’! If you do swing that way. Personally I’ll be ensuring I keep to a controlled and well cooled environment when summer gets excited and it’s intensity sets in!



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