Trippin’ the light fantastic!

It’s the first weekend in a while that I haven’t felt like there were a million things that needed to be done at this moment. Tired and relieved I’m not trying to get any assignment work done. No class tomorrow. Only a few things left to tick off the list of uni work to be completed. It’s a funny almost freedom. And though full freedom is yet to come I feel like there is space in my brain again. The stress is lifting and I can breathe. Breathing is good! It’s a funny comparison as I considered my position on a long winded(line maintenance, thanks PTV) journey home last night. I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite bands, Ball Park Music, touring for the second time this year. Last night I saw them at The Forum for their Melbourne Trippin the Light Fantastic Tour Show and funnily enough when they did their Puddinghead tour earlier this year it was at a similar time in my uni trimester. Similar time but totally different feeling! A very different me in many ways despite it only being less than six months ago! So much less stress right now. So much less anxiety and worry. Just generally a far better vibe. And what a show BPM! They are so good at getting the crowd going and it’s hard not to get into the grove when they play their classic tunes Sad Rude Future Dude, It’s Nice to be Alive, All I Want is You and their newer tracks like Cocain Lion, She Only Loves Me When I’m There and of course Trippin the Light Fantastic! So much sweaty dancing action in front of that stage! We even got free 3D glasses!   Ball Park Music do not stop doing what you’re doing! Your timing is perfect! Can’t wait for the next show.


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