mission accomplished.

So yesterday the last of my University career work was completed and we had our final year bachelor students exhibition opening. It’s a strange feeling of mixed relief and kind of an anti-climax in the end. Last year the build up to the end of my course exhibition was so much more, and the relief when it was over but also the pride of the accomplishment seemed bigger. I guess that’s the difference between three years of work to one. Having said that I am so pleased to have completed the degree. So so pleased and proud to have made it to the end and can say confidently that despite not having back the final marks as yet I’m pretty sure I’ve passed.

If you had told me six years ago that I would go on to actually complete a degree at university I quite possibly would have laughed and barely entertained the thought. Brought up in a small country area and schooled by my parents at home and by correspondence to gain my Higher School Certificate it wasn’t your typical pathway of education. It was hard to gage how I would find the big city and further education. But it was my mission. My goal was set. And I can tell you now. Hard work pays off. If you really want to do something and are willing to take your goals seriously and really take it on you can do whatever you want.

I wanted to move to the big city and take on study for a highly competitive industry. Jump in the deep end, luckily spoilt the whole time by the support of my wonderful family. Ambitious for the big move to Melbourne I was but I was more than happy to be heading to the TAFE college I had selected. And after completing my Advanced Diploma and the extent of what the Institute could offer and deciding last year that I would take the pathway to Deakin to do one more year and gain my Bachelor I was beyond excited to continue my studies and attend university but had no idea what I would be in for. Don’t get me wrong, now that I can look back it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve learnt A LOT. I’m so glad I’ve done it. I’m so glad it’s over. What a year! It has been four years in total and the whole time has been a challenge, and I wouldn’t want it to be anything less, but wow. This year has definitely tested me and I’m not afraid to admit it. But now I get to finish off this chapter of my life. This chapter has a good ending.

But what next?

Somehow I think this next chapter is going to be a hell of a lot harder to write though… I have ideas, big ideas, of how I would like this next one to turn out… time to get that next mission in focus.


Miserable and Magical…

And it seems a blink is all it takes and I’m all of a sudden arriving at that time of year again. The milestone recognition day that acknowledges the fact that you’ve survived yet another year of this crazy thing that we call life.

In the words of the wise Miss Taylor Swift…
We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way
It’s miserable and magical.

I think Everything will be alright, If we just keep dancing like we’re, 22

Budapest, Oh George!

So like many other young women out there right now I have fallen madly and deeply in love with George Ezra and his deliciously sweet tunes. His album is amazing! Definitely recommend a listen if you enjoy Ed Sheeran and the likes. It’s not the same vocally but his lyrics are just so lovely. So so lovely. I can’t even describe it with enough love. It’s just so good!

The album is Wanted on Voyage (highly recommend you click that link and look at his website! It’s a bit of fun! I think my favourite tracks are probably Blame It On Me and Leaving It Up To You, Cassy O’, Stand By Your Gun, Breakaway, Song 6, Da Vinci Riot Police along with the sublime single Budapest(and insert the remaining album tracks here)!

My sweet little sister, Jessica Lorraine, has also recently covered this song also so if you enjoy it go and check out her rendition! Budapest – Geaorge Ezra (live acoustic cover) by Jessica Lorraine.

Here is a GIF just to prove how cute she is.


Last submissions

This week I got to make my last submission to the assignments drop box for uni! It’s pretty exciting and I’m super glad to be finished. All I have left is to prepare and set up for an exhibition and then I’ll really be done.

In the mean time here is one of my most recent works.

P R I V A T E | D I S P L A Y.


It’s an online artwork inspired by identity online.
Check out the about page for an in depth explanation.


So I had an email come in from You Tube with their top article being about 10 Powerful PSAs. I love a good ad and the ones that actually move you. I’m not going to lie, I may have shed a tear to one or two of these but I also just found they were really powerful, as they should be.

This one has a lot of famous faces in it, they always get me with that… It’s On Us: Sexual Assault PSA


This ones just a bit cute really. Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waiting” | Budweiser


This one will get you. Be prepared! DOA Road Safety “Classroom”


I viewed this quite a while ago and it really hits home to me. Since watching I’m always so conscious in using the word bossy or trying to avoid using it all together. I’ve certainly had my fair share of being called this. Ban Bossy- I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss


This is also on sexual assault and I think it’s another great one. 1 is 2 Many PSA: 60 Second


IF ONLY FOR A SECOND // Mimi Foundation // EN


Which one is the most effective? For me the car one certainly gets you. The slight shock factor and the children are cleverly combined without it being to long.

Trippin’ the light fantastic!

It’s the first weekend in a while that I haven’t felt like there were a million things that needed to be done at this moment. Tired and relieved I’m not trying to get any assignment work done. No class tomorrow. Only a few things left to tick off the list of uni work to be completed. It’s a funny almost freedom. And though full freedom is yet to come I feel like there is space in my brain again. The stress is lifting and I can breathe. Breathing is good! It’s a funny comparison as I considered my position on a long winded(line maintenance, thanks PTV) journey home last night. I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite bands, Ball Park Music, touring for the second time this year. Last night I saw them at The Forum for their Melbourne Trippin the Light Fantastic Tour Show and funnily enough when they did their Puddinghead tour earlier this year it was at a similar time in my uni trimester. Similar time but totally different feeling! A very different me in many ways despite it only being less than six months ago! So much less stress right now. So much less anxiety and worry. Just generally a far better vibe. And what a show BPM! They are so good at getting the crowd going and it’s hard not to get into the grove when they play their classic tunes Sad Rude Future Dude, It’s Nice to be Alive, All I Want is You and their newer tracks like Cocain Lion, She Only Loves Me When I’m There and of course Trippin the Light Fantastic! So much sweaty dancing action in front of that stage! We even got free 3D glasses!   Ball Park Music do not stop doing what you’re doing! Your timing is perfect! Can’t wait for the next show.