So here we are, already a week from the end of September and as usual I’m scratching my head and trying to remember just where the hell all of this time has disappeared to. Once again a hectic uni schedule and attempting to fit in life has been my main activity of late. But it’s so nearly over. I’m so very close to finishing University for-thenearfuture-ever!

I do feel that this trimester has been a little less stressful than the last one but it hasn’t been less hectic really. I was just more prepared for my stress levels to peak and I think I’m nearly through the hardest part. And I am so very excited! It’s the nearly the end of the studying chapter of my life. Not that we ever stop learning, and especially in this technology-advancing-at-a-crazy-pace industry I’m about to jump into the deep end of, it’s a daily practice to keep informed and up to date on new things in the industry. That is the deep end of the pool with no floats and only basic swimming skills if any at all.

But this official part of study is nearly over. The formal bit. The bit where they give you the piece of paper that proves you’ve gained the recommended knowledge to carry out a position I cannot wait to fill somewhere soon. And I have to say when that last assignment goes in, or maybe more when I actually get back those final results that say I have passed, that this course is complete, the accomplishment will be well and truly felt. This moment, I cannot wait for. It will not come soon enough.

Having said that the last few assignments are probably the most enjoyable of the entire course. Today I spent the afternoon in the dark room printing black and white photographs from the Mamiya 7 camera and 120mm film that we shoot with for one of my subjects. And I just love it. Apart from the frustrations, the eye straining and the dark confusion at times, I really love it! And hope that in the future I will be able to do some dark room developing at a more relaxed pace rather than a slightly-stressed-running-out-of-time-and-have-to-get-this-done kind of pace! I’ve done a portrait series of some of my younger siblings and it has turned out fantastically. They’re my favourite subjects. I feel so lucky to have them around and that they so willingly let me order them around to assist and star in my work. And then one of my other subjects I’m working on an online artwork that I’m a little bit excited about and will share more about in the future.

My littlest brother.
My littlest brother.

Anyway, that will do for my rambling for now.

Such exciting times ahead. Scary and exciting!


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