Paramore, Still so Into You

I just came across this in my drafts… I actually wrote it seven months ago…

Sunday the twelfth of January twenty-fourteen. Melbourne has finally decided to give us some weather consistent with the season it is supposed to be. It was a perfect summer afternoon and carried on into a lovely evening. It was six o’clock, the sky was blue, the sun was warm and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl was a buzz of keen fans. As we approached the park we were in awe as our eyes followed the cue of people beyond where we could see. From the entrance to the venue and down the pathway around the edge of the park and back through the middle… and beyond! We were already super keen to see Paramore. I’ve been a fan since I discovered Misery Business in 2007 or 2008 and naturally introduced my sisters as they have become more mainstream popular more recently. It was insane and as we realised just how big this crowd was we opted for the shorter cue at the merchandise tent where we proceded to purchase some gorgeous t-shirts. Props to the designer. They’re epic.


T-shirts went straight on for those of us prepared for this procedure while my sister, not quite so prepared, proceeded to ponder how she could put her t-shirt on without baring all as we searched for the end of the cue rather than waiting until we got inside to the bathroom. By the time we got to the front of the cue we were all proudly donning our merchandise and excitement was growing.

So we got our spot on the lawn and Twenty-One Pilots came on. They were awesome. They really got the crowd involved with their banter and they were so full of energy bouncing around the stage before they ended their little show with an awesome drumming sesh. It. was. wicked.

Then You Me at Six came out. They were pretty cool too.

We patiently waited as the sun went down for the main show. Finally the crowd cheered as the curtain fell and the epic-ness what was Paramore were present on stage. Oh they were present. Rocking out to Grow Up to get the show started they continued to rock and touch, move and engross the crowd for what I think is the best concert I have been to. They played such a good mix of their songs from the older classics like Pressure from All We Know is Falling right up to their sweet Ukelele interludes from their most recently released self-titled album. The show was Incredible. We had the most amazing time rocking out the one of my favourite bands and I just can’t believe its taken me this long to get to seeing them live in concert. But oh my it was worth the wait! I remember last time they were touring and I didn’t realise until it was too late and then got rather envious as fan friends flooded social media with the amazing time they’d had.

I’m gushing here. Sorry. But it was seriously simply the very best. AMAZINGLY EPIC.


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