I’m just gonna keep showing up

The other day I was skimming through my inbox. Delete. Delete. Oooo Shopping! No… mustn’t look… Delete. Delete. Sound familiar? I certainly have my fair share of junk and advertising, all stuff I signed up for but rarely scroll through at the moment. But I do actually read some of my emails! The real ones that are not just images of products calling for a click. And I recently subscribed to seanwes, whom I have also subscribed to the podcast and catch up when I can. This guy has some serious talent but not without an admirable work ethic and the desire and effort he puts into sharing his skills and lessons is inspiring. He’s completely transparent in the best way.

Anyway, this particular email caught my eye as the subject line read: Why it’s ok to struggle to be creative. It was a good read as he explained the common challenges in every creative aspiration being realised. You do have to work and it’s most often not going to be that easy no matter how many times you do it. You’ve got to start with a blank canvas.

I wish I could link you to the entire piece like a blog but it was a subscription based email and I can’t find the content on any of his other blogs so I’m hoping it’s ok if I share a little snippet of the content here. The whole thing is worth a read but my favourite parts are in the opening few paragraphs…

“You don’t really ever get to a point where your first iteration of any new thing you make is perfect. It’s always a process. It always takes effort, sweat, and trudging through a lot of failed attempts.”
Sean McCabe

“What does get easier is showing up. The more you show up, the easier it gets. You know you’re always going to come face to face with a blank page. Your first attempt almost certainly won’t make the final cut, but you know you’re going to show up.”
Sean McCabe

Sometimes we all need reminding that even the most successful people face the day to day challenges to achieve what they do. Sometimes they just make it look so easy! Amazingly easy.

As a student coming through the works it can be so overwhelming looking at the work of the successes out there such as Sean himself, Jessica Hishce, Nubby Twiglet and many others and it’s almost intimidatingly paralysing. How will I ever be that good? Well, thanks for the pep talk Sean! I’m just gonna keep showing up. I know I’m going to show up.

Totally idolise Sean and highly recommend checking out his work and listening to his podcast. Especially the one he did the other week… Episode 094: Goals & 5-Year Plans. I’m yet to get into his hand lettering program but am hoping I might in the near future when time permits it. Go get inspired!


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