It’s no illusion

It’s no illusion! It’s actually another post! And only a day between! What’s going on?!

Wouldn’t it be nice if weekends were like Mary Poppins’ bag? Like they seem kind of short and small and like you wouldn’t fit a whole lot into them (which they really are like these days) but then you just keep cramming everything in and somehow no matter what you actually get to fit in all the things that were on your list. The cleaning, the sorting, the relaxing, the socialising. All of it. Tick it all off! Wouldn’t that be so sweet! But instead I will have to resign myself to the fact that somehow it’s Sunday night again and somehow I didn’t fit in half the things I wanted to get done. Why do I seem to manage this every time? Gosh I love Sundays. They just possess this feeling of no matter what you do and don’t get done everything is fine because it’s Sunday! I just wish I was far more time efficient(and maybe that there could be two or three of me) so I could tick of my whole list of things to do on the weekend…. I could always just not sleep… that would at least double the hours of the weekend time… but somehow I don’t think that would actually increase productivity… Hmmmmm indeed. Would love a purse version of Mary Poppins’ bag too… how nifty would that be not having to lug your big handbag around with everything but the kitchen sink ‘in case’ you need it. Just a nifty little purse.

Anyway, wishing my lovely Mother and all the other super awesome Mum’s out their a splendidly sweet Mothers day! Hope they’ve all been spoiled! I unfortunately didn’t get home to see mine today so will have to save a special surprise for next weekend. I had to giggle when I was talking to her this morning and she said that my little brother, 4 year-old Toby, was excitedly discussing his anticipation of ‘Brothers’ day! How cute! Maybe we should have Brothers Day and Sisters Day as well as Mothers Day and Fathers Day? Another greeting card/retail gifting excuse? Why not? Speaking of greeting cards if you actually want the coolest ones going around you simply MUST (yes it’s a big MUST) go and check out Able and Game and their sweet little store over on Etsy. They will give you the giggles with their terribly humorous and sweet illustrations and they are not limited to greeting cards! I shall leave you with an example

So yes, hope your Mothers day Sunday has been lovely! 

Chow for now!


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