I like what I know and I know what I like. (is that a Dr Seuss saying?)

Or at least I think I do.

A creature of comfort I feel I constantly make decisions to repeat things over and over again. Not because I’m scared of doing something different but maybe afraid of not knowing the outcome. If I do what I know I like then I know what the outcome is and that I’m already happy with it. But that’s a little boring isn’t it…

I was just thinking about how super keenly excited I am for The Fault In Our Stars(If you haven’t heard of it you really must check it out) film to come out! Based on the novel by John Green, I already know the story and the outcome but I’m just so excited to see it on the screen. And when it hits the DVD rack I’ll most likely rush out and purchase it and it will quite possibly be me new go to. A film I will likely watch again and again. Because I do this all the time. I have a handful of movies that I will constantly go to. I have fifty or so titles to choose from yet I typically will watch a Gennifer Goodwin classic like He’s Just Not That Into You or Something Borrowed. The other go to is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits (though some may say they’re pretty much the same movie, I adore the casting of them both) are the other two I have probably watched 343485948 times. I don’t know why but I just really love these movies, the plots, the casting, and quite happily watch them again and again. But sometimes I frustrate myself and wonder why I don’t watch something else so I might learn something new? I’ve become such a predictable being.

And it’s not just films I do this with. It’s activities. It’s food. It’s all routine. Like a science experiment where you only change a few little things and control the rest to be the same. All the time. Yes I have issues. I know.

It’s interesting how some people can be like this. So predictable. So routine. OCD? Then other people wouldn’t watch the same movie twice probably and like to live on the edge, mix things up and get bored easily. I think I need to take a leaf out of one of those books…

Anyway. Here’s something new! I’m going to fly overseas and live on the edge. Mix it up! The countdown is on. My overseas trip is booked and I’ve got a ridiculously short time before I go. While I’m beyond excited I also have a stupid amount of little details I need to sort out before I go and even more importantly a stack of Assignment work and not much time to do it. So I best get back to it!

Hope your weekend is assignment work free and relaxing!


It’s no illusion

It’s no illusion! It’s actually another post! And only a day between! What’s going on?!

Wouldn’t it be nice if weekends were like Mary Poppins’ bag? Like they seem kind of short and small and like you wouldn’t fit a whole lot into them (which they really are like these days) but then you just keep cramming everything in and somehow no matter what you actually get to fit in all the things that were on your list. The cleaning, the sorting, the relaxing, the socialising. All of it. Tick it all off! Wouldn’t that be so sweet! But instead I will have to resign myself to the fact that somehow it’s Sunday night again and somehow I didn’t fit in half the things I wanted to get done. Why do I seem to manage this every time? Gosh I love Sundays. They just possess this feeling of no matter what you do and don’t get done everything is fine because it’s Sunday! I just wish I was far more time efficient(and maybe that there could be two or three of me) so I could tick of my whole list of things to do on the weekend…. I could always just not sleep… that would at least double the hours of the weekend time… but somehow I don’t think that would actually increase productivity… Hmmmmm indeed. Would love a purse version of Mary Poppins’ bag too… how nifty would that be not having to lug your big handbag around with everything but the kitchen sink ‘in case’ you need it. Just a nifty little purse.

Anyway, wishing my lovely Mother and all the other super awesome Mum’s out their a splendidly sweet Mothers day! Hope they’ve all been spoiled! I unfortunately didn’t get home to see mine today so will have to save a special surprise for next weekend. I had to giggle when I was talking to her this morning and she said that my little brother, 4 year-old Toby, was excitedly discussing his anticipation of ‘Brothers’ day! How cute! Maybe we should have Brothers Day and Sisters Day as well as Mothers Day and Fathers Day? Another greeting card/retail gifting excuse? Why not? Speaking of greeting cards if you actually want the coolest ones going around you simply MUST (yes it’s a big MUST) go and check out Able and Game and their sweet little store over on Etsy. They will give you the giggles with their terribly humorous and sweet illustrations and they are not limited to greeting cards! I shall leave you with an example

So yes, hope your Mothers day Sunday has been lovely! 

Chow for now!

So. Much. Stuff.

Oh hey there stranger!

Yeah… it’s been a little while…

You won’t believe me if I try to tell you that I actually think about what I want to post about next on my blog every single day yet somehow two or so months have practically passed by and I haven’t managed to get a word punched in and posted. This seems to be a running theme in my life of lists of little projects and tasks that, because they aren’t urgently required, just don’t make it to the top of the daily to do list. They slide down, new things piling on top again and again. I feel like I talk a lot about all these things I want to do. I plan in my head so much stuff. So. Much. Stuff. But it barely makes it to paper let alone ‘the list’ and beyond that, just doesn’t get further attention or action and hits the back burner falling into the basket of unforgotten but somewhat neglected ideas, thoughts and dreams. Why does this happen?

Despite my frustrations in this department I have actually been quite busy. University has definitely got the better of me. Struggle street** seems to be my new address of residence permanently. I don’t know where the time is disappearing to. It’s like it’s half stolen and I barely get a day for a day. If that makes sense. Decidedly I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I really do love it. But I’m definitely and extra stress head at the moment. Yes even more than my standard level of stress that I seem to be set on default with. It’s a factory built in setting, what can I do?!

But yes, busy with uni. Busy with family visiting as I get home every weekend I possibly can. I’ve been super homesick lately. Also busy with work. Busy with gym. Busy with daily life tasks. And boom. Now we’re beyond a week into May. Mothers day is about to jump up and I’m feeling terribly guilty I won’t be home to treat my Mum as she so very much deserves! But shall do my best to get to it next weekend. Love you mum! Thanks for being so awesome!

There has been many things going on in the last few months. Milestones. Acheivements. Stumbles. Failures. Opportunities. It’s all happening! Life just won’t let me hit the pause button for a second. I’m on the market for some spare times so if you hear of any coming up please let me know!

I’m going to stop babbling shortly and you can get back to something important you were doing and I’ll get back to watching Mary Poppins (thank you Fox for the New Disney Movie Channel!) But I did want to share my achievement of the week. Drum roll please… I have finally booked my trip to Europe! It’s finally locked in. After three years of talking about going overseas and last year deciding  how this year when I get to this point I’m going to go on this trip I’ve finally nailed it in. I’m not going to lie, the stresses and hectic surroundings have definitely made me doubtful that I could even get myself to do it. And it’s actually less than a month until I jet off! Last minute much?! Which is insanely crazy and making me fumble even more for the remote so I can rewind a little. So much uni work to be done in the next three weeks. But I’m gonna do it. I’m going to make it. It’s happening right now and I’m sure as goodness gosh going to embrace it. Hopefully I can throw some water on the stress steaming around though….

Congratulations if you made it through that! And thank you for reading!

** Yes street not town and this it shall now forever be said by me as it is one of Ball Park Music‘s latest tracks and it’s just so good. Check it out live. Though this version is no where near as good as seeing it live last weekend at The Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne for their second last show of the Puddinghead tour! It was incredibly awesome. Wow. I’m so into this band right now! Go check out their new album Puddinghead. Will talk about this more in my next blog.