Let’s just go back…

Well I think I’m enrolled and now officially a “uni” student. Impressive? I’m beyond confused and feel like such a child that needs some serious guidance! I need my parents to tell me what to do all over again. Hoping I’ve done it right. Fingers crossed. Will have to investigate tomorrow.

Gets me thinking though. It’s funny how when you’re about ten years old and you just can’t wait to be a grown up. You can’t wait for that independence. Being your own boss. You get to do whatever you want right? When you’re an adult you get to make all your decisions. No asking for permission or necessarily having to answer to anyone…. right? Yeah, you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself? At ten all of this seems like such a glamorous thing. Freedom! But it’s a trick. We all discover it when we make it over that line and start to realise that having to make all your decisions and be totally responsible and own everything you do, all your actions and mistakes, no one to blame but yourself. Sometimes it really would be nice to go back to being ten for a day every now and then. Just to be care free. To relax. No stress. Get told what to do. No responsibilities really. So you can appreciate again how exciting and awesome it is to be such a “grown up”. Wouldn’t that be nice… Innocent bliss!