Logically in theory

So as usual I’m really not sure where time disappears to except that somehow no matter how little you seem to be doing and how good your intentions to achieve a reasonable amount of productivity and get certain things done somehow they don’t get done. Evan though logically in theory there is time to be doing it all in this blissful state of holidays I’m all wound up in.

It’s not like I’ve just been sleeping away the days, though I don’t tend to get up as early as I intend. I feel like the last week hasn’t involved much more than reading the paper, going to the gym and cooking dinner. Add in a few days of work and the week disappeared. I did tick a few things off that never-stops-growing to-do list. Just not as much as I would like to have completed. I guess there’s always more though isn’t there?

Anyways. You may have started following my Project 365: Ink the Day which did get off to a promising start but I have a little bit of catching up to get done now. But I’m allowing that. Sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit. Better late than never right? Bit like this blog. It will become more active. It’s just all a bunch of ideas swimming around my head at the moment. I keep dropping in the food for the ideas but I’m yet to clean out the filter and it’s getting a little murky and hard to see what’s really going on in there. I keep throwing in the food though. And I’ll get to cleaning out that filter…

That’s my little babble for now.



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