over 8,000 hours have passed…

Why hello there stranger! It’s been a while. You’re looking well! How is it that it’s been a year nearly since I last dashed about the keys and shared some of my current happenings with you? Where have you even been? Many things happen in 365 days…. though it is just short of that. It’s been 361 days since that last post. Over 8,000 hours have passed. That’s a lot of sleeping! And a lot of not sleeping. It’s been a very busy year indeed…

Funnily enough that last post is very gushy about The Rubens and they really are still very much in the forefront of my musical interests. I’m super excited to be seeing them for the fourth time in the space of…. maybe 2 years. Very excited to see them at one of their Zoo Twilight shows in Feb!  The anticipation! Especially excited that they may play their latest release, Same Drugs. Mint tune!

And of course on the subject of music it has once again just been the annual Triple J countdown which did not disappoint. So much incredible music has been released in the last year. My long shortlist was over 200 songs to begin with. Voting for just 10 was a massive challenge but I managed it. Just. It’s silly how hard it is to cut out some songs… you have 13 and have to eliminate three that you don’t necessarily like any less than the rest of your list but you have to make the call. Tough times hey? What a first world and privileged problem to have. Below is what did make my very short list…

Triple J hottest 100 is one of my favourite things. Once again today’s list is full of some amazing music. What sweet tunes. 👌🏻💙 This is what made my vote though as per usual to get to just this ten took some intense deliberation and involved some serious culling from my long shortlist! 💙 Was a little sad when Adore played at number two but still to make number two is amazing! And Flume definitely featured in my shortlist along with so many others. Kind of sad it’s done for another year… • • • #triplej #hottest100day #vote #musicisthegreatest #tune #amyshark #adore #catfishandthebottlemen #ballparkmusic #grettaray #drive #leef #twice #7 #money #leikeli47 #hockeydad #anightoutwith #ultralightbeam #cubsport #likeaversion #strangediseases #gangofyouths #samedrugs #therubens #bgl #bgcl

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Adore by Amy Shark was my number one pick. I was hoping it would take the top spot obviously but Flume had that one covered with Never Be Like You. It did make number two though which is amazing! I could honestly talk about music and the hottest 100 forever! But for now I will leave it with that… and probably continue on with more tune raving in the near future.

Before I go on… Catfish and the Bottlemen need a mention here. As you will have seen above, they took two of my top ten spots with 7 (polled at #19)and Twice(polled at #57). Both polled in the hottest 100. 7 was #19 and Twice came in at #57 and they also had a third track make the cut, another excellent tune, Soundcheck came in at #77. I don’t know what it is about this British rock band that has got me so hooked but they are my favourite band at this moment. I can’t stop playing them! But I’ll gush about them again soon.

So yes. Music, music, music.

I did just watch the end of an incredible match of tennis between Nadal and Dimitrov as they battled it out to see who will take on Federer in the Australian Open final. Wow! Haven’t watched enough of the open and I didn’t manage to watch the whole match tonight but what I did watch was so impressive. What incredible athletes! What quality. And what an amazing final in store between Federer and Nadal! Seems like a bit of a flashback to have these two going for the glory. How sweet is that!

Anyways, thanks for reading if you made it to the end! Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello King Rubens!

So it’s hit the very end of January already! This year is coming hard and fast. And so much has already happened in one month. There have been some very low moments and some fantastic highs and great memories made. February is just hours away. Goodness me!

I thought I’d get in a quick post for the end of the month. It’s all about the music though… or more specifically it’s kind of very much The Rubens focused.

Right now I just had to express my excitement as this week the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown was broadcast across the nation and my favourite song from one of my very favourite bands did in fact take out the very top position. Hoops was announced as the voters favourite, pipping Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta and Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s catchy Lean On at the post. The excitement when I heard that language warning announcing that Kendrick would be number two was thrilling. I do get very excited about these things.

To top it off The Rubens were then announced as one of the many amazing acts that will be fronting up in Bendigo and the other venue’s that Groovin the Moo graces with it’s tuneful presence. So of course tickets had to be purchased for the upcoming event. It will be an amazing day but I’m already anticipating some stressful clashes as there are so many bands I’m keen for in the line up!

But I lied. That didn’t top it off. This delicious week of Rubens-essence awesomeness was completely blown up when they not only did a Like a Version on Friday morning but they mashed up Adele’s Hello and Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta to deliver a killer tune. You must check it out! I know you’re curious. Who would have thought!

I just “can’t even”! So Excited for the year to come just because of music. Music is the greatest. The Rubens are the greatest. “Everything is awesome”.

End of enthusiastic Music/Rubens rant.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic January and February kicks off well for you too!


Some link love musings…

GIFs Galore!

Ideal working space?

DIY Ginger Spice Scrub.

Homemade Coffee Scrub.

Did just fall a little more in love with George Ezra.

Finally made some decisions and got in my Hottest 100 vote. Here is my extra long shortlist that I was cutting from… it was even longer than this playlist last weekend.

And with that note I’ll leave you with the video of my number one vote, Hoops by The Rubens. I’ve been playing their Hoops album to death ever since it came out and am still loving it. They are just killing it in my opinion. ❤

do it again

Because life is so busy it seems that the year has disappeared in mere moments and is a blur of so many memories that I’m not even sure belong where or what. I don’t know.

I just don’t know how this happens every year?!

Actually that’s a lie. I do know. It’s because I like to talk so I like to say things like “next year I’m going to be so organised” and then instead of actually making sure I’m organised I just keep talking about it instead of actually doing it. Next year I’m… not even going to say it…

Just do it already.

Anyway. A few links to share of some pretty things.

Like the stunning portfolio of Anette O’Brien.

This cute top that has just hit my wish list.

This awesome advertisement that totally got me. It;s a little cheesy, but I’m inspired.

This is the best GIF.


Sharing is Caring – Link Love

Just a few things I’ve come across lately that I’ve found amusing, clever and cute.

This is so cool! Marvel Sleeping Onesies!

Some sweet as earrings.

Wouldn’t mind working in this Target office space!

That darn Auto correct that can be oh so useful and a super pain that results in some embarrassment all at the same time! Well here is a clever use for it in advertising by Honda! I love it. So simple.

I MUST go to this. I’d letterpress the shit out of that!

Pick your colour!

This Ad was quite powerful

And this Ad I could not stop giggling!

Hopefully you got something out of any of those.


Hello there,

Anyone else a bit pleasantly surprised by the new Google logo? It’s the talk of the town. I have to say when it first popped up on my feed this week I actually thought it was a prank. Google change from their classic and timeless serif logo? I didn’t believe it was a likely change out of the blue like that. Perhaps I hadn’t been paying enough attention? It’s certainly been the talk of net-town ever since it ‘dropped’!

Loved this little video…

It’s been talked about as much as Taylor Swift when she releases a new video clip these days! Which she actually did this week and is another masterpiece of poptastic drama. I really do love what Swift is doing with music videos! If you haven’t seen the Wildest Dreams clip you should probably go have a look. Certainly don’t mind it featuring the young and dashing Scott Eastwood.

Speaking of Google and lovely things, how pretty is their dedication to Audrey Hepburn’s 85th Birthday? It’s from May 2014 but it popped up on my ‘Feeling Lucky” click just now and I had to share my appreciation.



I think it’s very sweet just quietly.

Anyway. I hope you had a lovely day Celebrating Fathers Day if you’re an Australian and a lovely day regardless of what your day entailed wherever else you may be from.

Chow for now!

Music Video Binge

Hey there! Long time no see… what’s new hey?

I’ve been watching a few new music videos the is weekend and had to share some of my favourites.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have just dropped their latest piece of work, Downtown, and I for one think it’s incredible! I’m so fascinated by this video clip! I’ve been singing this all weekend and watched the clip 89647985 times. Addicted is an understatement.

The Rubens have got me totally hooked with their latest work too. I bought their new album, Hoops, a few weeks ago and have been playing it on repeat. Especially loving the title track Hoops. The clip is quite clever too. This one just gets stuck in my head so much… but I really love it!

I’m actually also digging the new One Direction song, Bring Me Down. And the clip is a bit of fun too…

My talented little sister, Jessica Lorraine, recently did a cover of the song Black Roses which was sung on Nashville by the character Scarlett O’Conner(played by Clare Bowen). Love the show. Love this song. Love Jessica’s cover. I’ve included both videos below for your listening pleasure.
Jessica Lorraine

Nashville Original – Clare Bowen aka Scarlett O’Conner

What music are you digging right now?